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The Academy offers every individual, no matter what the level of skill, an opportunity to experience cricket at a top-class facility alongside high quality coaching. Whatever the aspirations or goals of the cricketer, our vast array of courses and coaching opportunities ensure each player will be guided and supported to achieve their personal cricketing goals.

Our Coaching supports the development of coaches and all members at all levels of the game, to ensure they’re able to provide players with the best possible experience of playing cricket and the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding of the game to help them fulfill their potential.

We are offering a range of world-leading learning experiences and qualifications to suit people coaching at all levels of the game.

All our courses are designed around the players you work with and their stage of development. We will provide you with all the information you need to help you plan your own coaching pathway. But, if you’re getting into coaching for the first time, we recommend you identify the course the best suits your needs.


Whether you are a batsman, pace/medium bowler or spinner, we offer advanced coaching techniques and easy to understand drills. Our coaching style is fresh and interesting and relevant to today’s modern cricket. We help players understanding their own individual style of playing, bringing continuity to their game and allowing their natural talent to flourish. Players quickly develop their strengths and understand how to improve their weaknesses, both mentally and physically.

The working methods and used techniques are equal to individual coaching. We identify their obstacles and decide on the steps that need to be taken. All are coaching sessions done to the international standards so you will never lack the quality of learning.

Cricket & personal development are at the forefront of all players’ experience on the development programs at the Ultimate Sports Academy. The tiered system ensures that a wide range of players with different talents are catered for. Depending on what stage or level a player is in their career, we have the perfect program to help progress and enhance your cricketing career.

Cricket is a sport in which fitness is traditionally not thought of as very important. The importance of fitness in any sport cannot be underlined. The fitter you are the better you’ll play. But Cricket is one such sport which tests your game skills. Physical exercise is an important component in the prevention of diseases such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Ultimate sports academy offer specialist support to batsmen, bowlers, fielders and wicket keepers.Successful applicants for this Specialist program will also possess high levels of cricket skill and fitness, be self-disciplined, highly motivated. Academy players will train like first class players and will have the opportunity to choose specific training in their preferred discipline with expert coaching in, Batting, Pace and Spin Bowling and Wicket keeping

Holidays are the ideal time to kick start your season with expert cricket coaching. This Camp covers all cricket skills. Above all we continue the formula of top quality coaching without the high price.


  • Batting
  • Bowling
  • Fielding and wicket keeping
  • General and specific fitness
  • Tactical approach and overall awareness of the game
  • Game intelligence and psychological fitness
  • Cricket specific skill development
  • Fitness
  • Specific skill development
  • Advanced and remedial courses
  • Batting
  • Bowling
  • Fielding and wicket keeping
  • Psychological fitness and tactical approach to the game
  • Aerobic and anaerobic endurance
  • Speed agility and quickness
  • Conditioning
  • Core stability and strengthening
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Basic skill development
  • General awareness about the game
  • General fitness development

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